Sunday Worship

Sunday worship in a “traditional” style begins at 10:00 am each week. The service combines joyful music, prayer, community, and a weekly message from the pastor. Join us before and after worship for coffee, tea, and pastries.

Service of The Lords Table, Holy Communion, is offered during Sunday worship at least once each month. Please check the calendar on this web site for dates. Ours is an open table, serving all who wish to participate.

Special Worship

Special worship services are offered at various times throughout the year, including during Lent and on Christmas Eve. Please check the calendar on this web site for times and dates.

Watch for special guest speakers and musicians throughout the year bringing new experiences to our regular worship.

Offsite Worship

Union provides a worship opportunity to residents of Ollie Langhorst apartments at 11:30 am each Sunday.

Worship Online

Each week, a video and audio recording of our regular Sunday worship is made available and through a link on this web site. To view worship from previous weeks, check the Audio-Video page.

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